Alisena is a family company on Ukraine’s market

Which does not cease to develop and amaze its customers, who are increasing with each passing day. Every company is unique, each has its own peculiarities and Alisena is not an exception. It is not just a company with ready kits for embroidery, but a place where you will find something for your soul, because Alisena offers products for various kinds of needlework and a large assortment of kits on religious themes, images of people, landscapes, still life, napkins, pictures of animals, etc. Here you will find embroidery kits (both threads and beads), and you will be pleased by the perfect selection of color combinations and high quality of embroidery schemes. Each design is thoroughly prepared and mandatory embroidered, undergoes revision of designers and artists before the release. Each scheme is professionally elaborated and shall be verified by both color balance and presence of single crosses.

Alisena - is a reasonable balance of price and quality

Kits are completed with high quality materials: Zweigart cloth, Anchor Mouline, symbolic color scheme, instruction in Russian, organizer and needle. Bead kits are equipped with Czech beads, needle and instruction, as well as the fabric with printed pattern. Alisena’s icons can be noted among the most notable specimens – now you have a great opportunity to join the traditions of the Orthodox Church and create a work of art by your own hands. Also a novelty of the company is development and production of souvenir products, namely a small souvenir apron on a bottle of champagne or wine, which undoubtedly will decorate your holiday. There are around 40 kinds of this souvenir apron. Among them there are aprons with Aida cloth, where you can embroider the small picture according to your creativity.

Alisena is a place for the whole family

Because a variety of materials will surprise you. Schemes and kits in the children category will not leave any child indifferent, as the company seeks to meet any customer, from novice to professional. That is why we can say with confidence that the synonyms for the word Alisena are quality, unique design, reasonable price and the amazing result!